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There was a young man from the city,
Who saw what he thought was a kitty,
Saying "Nice Little Cat", he gave it a pat:-
They buried his clothes out of pity.
-- Author Unknown --

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Reference Materials ...

Paw  America's Best Loved Wild Animals
by Madeline Angell
circa 1975
ISBN: 0672520427

Paw  Answer Book
by Mary Elting
circa 1959
ISBN: 0448028646

Paw  Biology of the Striped Skunk
by B. J. Verts
circa 1967
LCCN: 67-21857

Paw  The Complete Guide to Pet Care
by J. Nichol
circa 1988
ISBN: 0747024065

Paw  Dermatology For the Small Animal Practicioner: Exotics, Feline, Canine
by Gene H. Nesbitt
circa 1991
ISBN: 1884254020

Paw  Diseases of Exotic Animals: Medical and Surgical Management
by Joel D. Wallach, D.V.M. and William J. Boever, D.V.M.
circa 1983
ISBN: 0721691056

Paw  Exotic Animal Formulary
by James Carpenter, Ted Mashima, and David Rupiper
circa 2000
ISBN: 0721683126

Paw  Exotic Animal Medicine in Practice: The Compendium Collection
by D. E. Johnston
circa 1991
ISBN: 9992236752

Paw  Exotic Animals: Contemporary Issues in Small Animal Practice, v.9
by Elliot R. Jacobson
circa 1988
ISBN: 0443084084

Paw  Exotic Pets
by Arthur Rosenfeld
circa 1987
ISBN: 0671476548

Paw  Honey, the Skunk's Back: Living With Wildlife in the Mountain West
by Charlie Craighead
circa 1996
ISBN: 0931895464

Paw  How to Raise and Train a Skunk
by Charles Hume
circa 1979
ISBN: 0876662238

Paw  I Wonder Why Skunks Are So Smelly and Other Neat Facts About Mammals
by Deborah DeFord
circa 1992
ISBN: 030711323X

Paw  The Illustrated Veterinary Guide for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Exotic Pets
by Chris C. Pinney
circa 1995
ISBN: 0070501793

Paw  The Insect Food of the Dusky Skunk
by K. F. Chamberlain
circa 1928

Paw  Land Mammals of Oregon
by B. J. Verts and L. N. Carraway
circa 1998
ISBN: 0520211995

Paw  Lucky - a Skunk's Adventure in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania
by Barbara R. Sheely
circa 1999
ISBN: 0967207703

Paw  Manual of Exotic Pets
by Peter H. Beynon and John E. Cooper
circa 1995
ISBN: 0813822947

Paw  The Mammals of the Adirondacks Region, Northeastern New York
by Clint Hart Merrian
circa 1974

Paw  My Orphans of the Wild: Rescue and Home Care of Native Wildlife
by Rosemary K. Collett
ISBN: 0397010214

Paw  Marvels and Mysteries of Our Animal World
by Jean George
circa 1964
ISBN: 0393214168

Paw  Michigan Mammals
by Rollin H. Baker
circa 1983
ISBN: 0870132342

Paw  Skunks
by B. Hunt
circa 1973
ISBN: 0138127506

Paw  Skunks
by Sandra Lee
circa 1998
ISBN: 1567665039

Paw  Skunks
by Emilie U. Lepthien
circa 1994
ISBN: 0516411977

Paw  Skunks
by Lynn M. Stone
circa 1990
ISBN: 0865930465

Paw  Skunks and Their Relatives
by John Bonnett Wexo and Timothy L. Biel
circa 1999
ISBN: 0886827795

Paw  Smaller North American Mammals
by E. W. Nelson
circa 1918

Paw  The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals
by D. E. Wilson and Sue Ruff
circa 1999
ISBN: 1560988452

Paw  The Spring and Summer Activities of the Dusky Skunk in Captivity
by William T. Shaw, PHD. and K. F. Chamberlain
circa 1928

Paw  The Striped Skunk (Wildlife, Habits & Habitat)
by Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford
circa 1987
ISBN: 0896863387

Paw  Survivors: Enduring Animals of North America
by Jack Denton Scott
circa 1975
ISBN: 0152832572

Paw  Systematics of Mustellid-like Carnivores
Journal of Mammalogy, volume 78(2):426-443
by J. W. Dragoo and R. L. Honeycutt
circa 1997

Paw  Unhuggables: The Truth About Snakes, Slugs, Skunks, Spiders, and Other Animals That are Hard to Love
by Victor H. Waldrop, Debby Anker and Elizabeth B. Blizard
circa 1991
ISBN: 0912186917

Paw  Urban Wildlife
by L. Vogelnest
circa 1992

Paw  Weasels, Otters, Skunks and Their Family
by Dorothy Hinshaw
circa 1973
ISBN: 0823402282

Paw  Welcome to the World of Skunks
by Diane Swanson
circa 1999
ISBN: 1551108550

Paw  Wild Mammals of New England
by Alfred J. Godin
circa 1981
ISBN: 0899330126

Paw  Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy 3
by Murray E. Fowler
circa 1990
ISBN: 0721610137

Paw  Zorrillos
by Lynn M. Stone
circa 1991
ISBN: 0865927995

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Skunk Stories and Children's Books ...
Paw  A Great Joke on Jimmy Skunk
by Thornton Burgess

Paw  Skunk in the House
by Constance T. Colby
circa 1976
ISBN: 084880967X

Paw  Adventure of Rosco the Skunk
by George Charles Sarantakos
ISBN: 0533117046

Paw  The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk
by Thornton W. Burgess
circa 1987
ISBN: 0316116270

Paw  The Baby Animals' Party
by Katharine Ross
circa 1997
ISBN: 0679883606

Paw  Barn
by John Schoenherr
circa 1989
ISBN: 0316774219

Paw  Barthalomew the Boss
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
circa 1984

Paw  The Berenstain Bears and the Neighborly Skunk
by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain
circa 1984
ISBN: 039486882X

Paw  Blaze the Story of a Striped Skunk
by Robert M. McClung
circa 1969
ISBN: 0688311075

Paw  Case of the Great Train Robbery
by Rae Bains
circa 1982
ISBN: 0893755885

Paw  Carlos and the Skunk
by Jan Romero Stevens
circa 1997
ISBN: 0873585917

Paw  Clovis Crawfish and Batiste Bete Puante
by Mary Alice Fontenot
circa 1993
ISBN: 088289952X

Paw  Dangerous Year
by Era Zistel
circa 1967
ISBN: 0394918975

Paw  The Day They Smelled a Skunk at Peanut Butter Pond
by Lael Littke
circa 1991
ISBN: 1559991445

Paw  The Dog Who Cried "Woof"!
by Norman Bridwell
circa 2001
ISBN: 0439289785

Paw  The Dwarks Meet Skunk Momma
by Martha Banta
circa 1984
ISBN: 0553152165

Paw  Ellie to the Rescue
by Beth Weiner Lipson
circa 1979
ISBN: 0723261687

Paw  The Evening Walk
by Joanne Ryder
ISBN: 0307070115

Paw  The Fabulous Four Skunks
by David Fair
circa 1996
ISBN: 0395735726

Paw  Feemore, the Baby Skunk, Finds a Home
by Maud D. Goldfield
circa 1989
ISBN: 0533083206

Paw  The Fuzzy Fussy Tail
by Katherine Ross
circa 1987
ISBN: 0394879600

Paw  The Fuzzytail Friends' Great Egg Hunt
by Katharine Ross
circa 1988
ISBN: 0394894758

Paw  Have You Ever Been Too Close to a Skunk?
by Terry M. Henderson
circa 1988
ISBN: 0963305913

Paw  Homer Price
by Robert McCloskey
circa 1972
ISBN: 0140309276

Paw  I Don't Remember Dropping the Skunk, but I Do Remember Trying to Breathe: Survival Skills for Teanagers
by Ken Davis
circa 1990
ISBN: 031032341X

Paw  In Happy Hollow
circa 1950 - 1960

Paw  Is There Room on the Feather Bed?
by Libba Moore Gray and Don Madden
circa 1999
ISBN: 0531071375

Paw  It's What's Inside that Counts (Timely Tales)
by Shawn A. McMullen
circa 1991
ISBN: 0874038081

Paw  Jimmy Skunk's Justice
by Thornton Burgess
circa 1933

Paw  Jonathon Michael and the Uninvited Guest
by Cyndi Harper-Deiters
circa 1992
ISBN: 0963251317

Paw  Kildee House
by Rutherford G. Montgomery
circa 1993
ISBN: 0802773885

Paw  The Little Skunk
by Susan B. Banks
circa 1995
ISBN: 0892281200

Paw  Little Stinky Skunk
by Mae O. Ra'Oof and Jum Ra'Oof
circa 1999
ISBN: 188852703X

Paw  Lizzy and Skunk
by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
circa 2000
ISBN: 0789461633

Paw  Love One Another: With Skedaddle Skunk and Friends
by Diane M. Stortz
circa 1995
ISBN: 0784702756

Paw  Man, the Fox and the Skunk
by Alice H. Garside
circa 1989
ISBN: 1882063066

Paw  Max and the Secret Skunk
by Janet A. Bloss
circa 1994
ISBN: 0874067197

Paw  Mean Margaret
by Tor Seidler
circa 2000
ISBN: 0064410390

Paw  The Messy Monster
by Michael J. Pellowski
circa 1986
ISBN: 0816705704

Paw  The Misunderstood Skunk
by Lilo Hess
circa 1969
ISBN: 0684123606

Paw  My Watering Can
by Lee Howard
circa 2000
ISBN: 157657489X

Paw  Nate's Treasure
by David Spohn
circa 1991
ISBN: 0688100910

Paw  New Kid in Town
by Janette Oke
circa 2001
ISBN: 0764224492

Paw  Norman
by Fred Hanson
circa 1989
ISBN: 0962429201

Paw  Oliver Smells Trouble
by Michael McBrier
circa 1988
ISBN: 0816711496

Paw  Palmer Patch
by Barbara Brooks Wallace
circa 2000
ISBN: 0595095739

Paw  Pee Wee Pipes and the Wing Thing
by Francine Poppo Rich and Thomas H. Bone
circa 2000
ISBN: 0967460212

Paw  Pee-U!: I Think There Is a Skunk in Our School
by Diana Zwahlen
circa 1995
ISBN: 1555236073

Paw  Pokey and Timothy of Stonehouse Farm
by Marion Jaques Smith
circa 1973
ISBN: 0870271296

Paw  Rabbit and Skunk and Spooks
by Carla Stevens
circa 1986
ISBN: 0590080873

Paw  Rabbit and Skunk and the Big Fight
by Carla Stevens
circa 1976
ISBN: 0590013114

Paw  Rabbit and Skunk and the Scary Rock
by Carla Stevens
circa 1976
ISBN: 0201093235

Paw  Rabbit, the Skunk and the Cuckoo
by C. J. Rhodes
circa 1998
ISBN: 0963864858

Paw  Ruby's Revenge
by Cheryl Pelavin
circa 1972
ISBN: 0399607765

Paw  Sammy Skunk
by Ron Reese
circa 1997
ISBN: 0898680093

Paw  Sammy Skunk
by Dave Sargent and Pat Sargent
circa 1996
ISBN: 1567630898

Paw  Sammy Skunk (I Can Read Books)
by Janie Spaht Gill
ISBN: 0898680425

Paw  Sammy Skunk Plays the Clown
by LaRue W. Selman
circa 1980
ISBN: 0898681081

Paw  Sassafras with Stinker
by Audrey Penn
circa 1996
ISBN: 0878685782

Paw  Sir Bastian Skunk's 1st Thanksgiving and Year, Son of Father Time
by Nancy E. Gregg
ISBN: 0879611022

Paw  Skedaddle Skunk & Friends Say I Love You
by Diane Stortz
circa 1995
ISBN: 0784702977

Paw  Skippy Skunk Makes Friends (The Adventures of Chuck E. Beaver)
by KiKi
circa 1988
ISBN: 289227205X

Paw  Skippy the Skunk
by Darby
circa 1977
ISBN: 0817512039

Paw  Skippy the Skunk
by David C. Whitney
circa 1968

Paw  Skunk and Possum
by Graham Tether and Lucinda McQueen
circa 1979
ISBN: 0395282705

Paw  Skunk at Hemlock Circle
by Victoria Sherrow
circa 1994
ISBN: 1568990324

Paw  Skunk Baby
by Bernice Freschet
circa 1973
ISBN: 0690741944

Paw  A Skunk by the Tail
by Jerry D. Thomas
circa 1998
ISBN: 0816316449

Paw  Skunk For a Day
by Roger A. Caras
circa 1976
ISBN: 0525615377

Paw  Skunk For Rent and Other Animal Tails
by Grace Fox Anderson
circa 1982
ISBN: 0882074938

Paw  A Skunk in the House
by Constance T. Colby
circa 1976
ISBN: 084880967X

Paw  A Skunk Named Zorri
by Betty Jane Reynolds
circa 1972
ISBN: 0679201823

Paw  The Skunk Ladder (Audio Cassette)
by Patrick F. McManus
circa 1997
ISBN: 0886468930

Paw  Skunk Lane
by Brom Hoban
circa 1983
ISBN: 0060223480

Paw  Skunk Medicine: There's a Skunk in the House! and Other Tail-Raising Stories
by Diane Blount-Adams
circa 2001
ISBN: 0759601119

Paw  Skunk's New Perfume
by Nelson A. Ossorio
circa 1993
ISBN: 1567210201

Paw  Skunk's Surprise: (a Modern Fable for Language Arts and Science Education in Grades K-6)
by Flora Joy
circa 1994
ISBN: 1884624014

Paw  Skunks
by Wyatt Blassingame
circa 1981
ISBN: 0396079091

Paw  Skunks
by Lester E. Fisher DVM
circa 1960ís

Paw  Skunks
by David T. Greenberg
circa 2000
ISBN: 0316326062

Paw  Skunks! Go To Bed
by Ted Bailey
circa 1990
ISBN: 0307121089

Paw  Smelly Tales, Vol 4.
by Mona Gansberg Hodgson
circa 1998
ISBN: 0570050715

Paw  Stinker From Space
by Pamela F. Service
circa 1991
ISBN: 0449703304

Paw  Stinker's Return
by Pamela F. Service
circa 1993
ISBN: 0684195429

Paw  The Stinky Book
by Noah Lukas
circa 1993
ISBN: 0679836195

Paw  Stinky, My Best Friend: Stinky the Skunk
by Everett G. Uphoff
circa 1995
ISBN: 0963333402

Paw  Stinky the Skunk
by John Lasne
circa 1997
ISBN: 0964281554

Paw  Striped Coat, the Skunk
by Joseph Wharton Lippincott
circa 1954
ISBN: 0397302835

Paw  The Striped Skunk
by Carl R. Green
circa 1987
ISBN: 0516303384

Paw  Sugar Gets the Skunk
by Martha M. Moran
circa 1977
ISBN: 0682487783

Paw  Sweetie and Petie
by Katherine Ross
circa 2000
ISBN: 037580143X

Paw  Sylvester the Skunk
by Sisters of the Community of Jesus Staff
circa 1987
ISBN: 0941478831

Paw  Tails of Friendship
by Bruce Talkington
circa 1999
ISBN: 0307160777

Paw  There's A Skunk In My Diaper
by Cathy Delittle
circa 1998
ISBN: 189263306X

Paw  The Underground Hideway
by Murray Goodwin
circa 1968

Paw  What's Black and White and Came to Visit?
by Evan Levine
circa 1994
ISBN: 0531068528

Paw  What's Wrong With Being a Skunk?
by Miriam Schlein
circa 1974
ISBN: 0590073052

Paw  Whiffy's Wish Come True
by Lynne F. Willard
circa 1995
ISBN: 0964749718

Paw  Who, Said Sue, Said Whoo?
by Ellen Raskin
circa 1973
ISBN: 0689300964

Paw  Why Can't I Spray Today?
by Francine Poppo Rich
circa 1999
ISBN: 0967460204

Paw  Why Won't Winter Go
by Lissa McLaughlin
circa 1983
ISBN: 0688023819

Paw  William the Backwards Skunk
by Chuck Jones
circa 1986
ISBN: 0517560631

Paw  Yogi Bear and the Baby Skunk
by Wonder-Treasure Books
circa 1984
ISBN: 0843141662

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Periodicals ...
Paw  Journal of Small Exotic Animal Medicine

Paw  Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

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