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Sweatshirts, T-Shirts & Henleys ...

Short Sleeve T's

OOPS Spray Short Sleeve T-Shirts: These shirts are the newest thing on the block. Their front states: "Sometimes you're the skunk... and sometimes you're the one to get sprayed" These come in light blue, sand, and white (M, L, XL, & XXL). $10.00 each.
  Light Blue  
Qty                         Size

Long Sleeve T's

OOPS Long Sleeve T-Shirts: These shirts bear the "Ode to Pet Skunks" poem on the front. The poem says: "Skunks make really awesome pets. Their smart, cuddly, and never forget. Sensitive feelings make them easily ashamed. But in our hearts, they're admirably famed. Follow your heart and not your nose. Forget the stigma that everybody knows. As devoted companions they really shine. Ask me more, and I will tell you about mine!" These come in light gray (M, L, & XL), light yellow (L, XL, & XXL), olive green (M, XL, & XXL), and navy (M, L, XL, & XXL). $15.00 each.
  Light Gray     
  Light Yellow  
  Olive Green   
Qty                              Size

OOPS Sweatshirts

Owners Of Pet Skunks Sweatshirts: These long sleeve sweatshirts feature an OOPS logo, an embroidered skunk surrounded by the club name on the upper left front. Made of 50 Cotton/50 Poly these shirts come in red (L). $20.00 each.


Y2K T-Shirts

Y2K T-Shirts: These short sleeve T-Shirts display the joke "Y2K? To hard to spell skunk with one!" and a caricature of a teaching skunk at the blackboard. Made of 50 Cotton/50 Poly these shirts come in gray (S, L, & XL) and green (M, XXL). $10.00 each.
Qty                    Size

OOPS Henleys

Owners Of Pet Skunks Henleys: These all cotton, three button collar, short sleeve shirts have the Owners Of Pet Skunks club name surrounding a skunk embroidered on the upper left front. Available in XXL natural/tan. $20.00 each.
  Natural/Tan, XXL

Magic Color T-Shirts

Whiffy Magic Color T-Shirts: These white high quality T-Shirts turn multi-colored in the sunlight. They come in XL & XXL. $20.00 each.

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Stuffed Skunks, Magnets, Stickers & Signs ...

Whiffy with Scent

Stuffed Whiffy with Real Skunk Musk: These plush stuffed skunks tote a bottle of real skunk scent (musk) around their necks. Perfect for someone who loves the smell, or as a show-stopping gag gift. $15.00 each.


Skunk Magnets

Skunk Magnets: Artfully crafted, these rubber skunk magnets show in great detail the animal we all know and love. Size is approximately 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". $3.50 each.


Bumper Stickers

I Love My Pet Skunk(s) Bumper Stickers: Great for posting almost anywhere! At $2.00 each these are really a steal. Size is approximately 11 3/4" x 3 1/2".


Skunk Crossing Signs

Skunk Crossing Signs: Golden yellow and black, these hard plastic signs help warn strangers that skunks can be found close by. These signs are approximately 11" x 11" square. $5.00 each.


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Ball Caps, Note Cards, Keychains & Toys ...

OOPS Ball Caps

Owners Of Pet Skunks Ball Caps: These red high quality baseball caps sport the Owners Of Pet Skunks club name surrounding an embroidered skunk on the front. $9.00 each.


Skunk Note Cards

Skunk Note Cards: These 5 x 7 inch photo quality cards proudly display three young skunks in a basket. The back of each card states that "Skunks Earn Their Stripes Every Day!". These cards are blank inside for your own personal message. These cards cost $10.00 for 10, $6.00 for 5, or $1.25 each.


Skunk Keychain

Beaded Skunk Keychains: These handmade skunk keychains stare right back at you. They are built sturdy to carry a lot of keys with ease. Please, don't confuse these with black & white alligators. They are indeed skunks. They are $2.50 each.


Skunk Toys

Skunk Rattle & Tug Toys: These handmade skunk toys rattle and are filled with scented herbs and rice to lure your skunk into playtime. A heavy-duty inner shell is used in construction to withstand even the toughest skunk activity. They go for $2.00 each.


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