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Pet Skunks for Sale
Caring Skunk
Tacy and Dana Kessler, York Pennsylvania
Email: shadowsknk@aol.com
Phone: (717) 846-1068

2015 Baby Season is Here !!! ....
We have plenty of skunk kittens for sale this year. Albino, Dark Smokey Brown, and Classic Black and White. Our skunk kittens are hand-reared, weaned from mom (eating solid food), and descented when you pick them up. They come with a comprehensive care and diet booklet, starter food, and a hot line phone number to call us with questions you might have.

Baby skunks cost $349.80 including sales tax. Reservation deposits are $100 and can be sent at any time. Babies will be ready for pickup on June 26, 2015. If you are interested and don't have one reserved, please just give us a call. We will have extras available on a first come first serve basis! If you have a baby reserved, please call to schedule a pick up time and date.

A Variety of Colors....
Samson & Delilah Duster Eclipse

2015 Litters....
Lyla's Litter Misty's Litter Rosie's Litter

Outside PA & Skunk Legal States....
We have sold and shipped many skunks to people in surrounding states and across the United States. Shipping will be at the owners expense. Recently, New Jersey has opened up their state to importation, allowing NJ residents to come into PA to obtain baby skunks.

Over 23 Years of Skunk Experience....
We have been raising skunks as pets and breeding since the early 1990's. We have gained tremendous knowledge through working with special needs skunks, medical issues, and orchestrating the largest pet skunk rescue in history from Canada. We founded and support a long running non-profit club, Owners Of Pet Skunks (OOPS), to teach people about general skunk care and handle adoptions under our permits. We have supplied countless zoos and education facilities across the country with skunk ambassadors.

Reminder on Permits....
Pennsylvania law requires you to purchase your skunk from a licensed breeder. The paperwork the breeder provides you at sale is a rider off of their own permits and is used to prove the domestication of your skunk. Once you have purchased the skunk, you cannot legally sell it to another person.

In order to be fully licensed by law, any skunk breeder in the United States needs to possess a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) license in addition to the state license. Any good breeder should be able to show you all their permits with non-expired expiration dates.

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