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Stinky the Skunk
Deep in the woods he lived in a cave
Perfume and mints were the gifts he gave
He showered every night in the kitchen sink
Hoping one day he wouldn't stink!
www.ty.com ~*~

Stinky the Skunk

Pet Skunk Organizations ...
Owners Of Pet Skunks (OOPS)
American Domestic Skunk Association (ADSA)
Midwest Pet Skunk Association
Alabama Skunks As Pets
Skunks As Pets

Skunk Interest Groups ...
Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks & Skunk Reputations
Aspen Skunk Rabies Research (ASRR)
People for Domestic Skunks

Pictures Skunk Style ...
OOPS Skunk of the Month
Stink's Pages
List Skunk Photos
Max's Welcome Party
Chris Booton's Skunk Site

Getting Along with Wild Skunks ...
Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitators
Centre Wildlife Care
Wonderful Skunk and Opossum Web Site
S.K.U.N.K.S. Scentral

General Skunk Information ...
Animal Diversity Web; Mephitis Mephitis
MSN Encarta Learning Zone - Skunks
Hinterland Who's Who (Canadian Wildlife Service)
The Express Page - Skunks
Bear Country USA - Striped Skunk
Forest Capital Canada 2000 - Skunks
Skunk Defense Musk Information

In the News ...
Skunk Man (smithsonianmag.com)
Stars in stripes (jacksonville.com)
Pets That Don't Stink: Skunks (petsmart.com)
His Majesty the Domestic Skunk (bellaonline.com)
1998 Grand National Skunk Show (augustachronicle.com)
1998 Grand National Skunk Show (abcnews.com)

Personal Experience Skunk Sites ...
Stinktiere - A German Perspective
Chris's Pet Skunk Page
Meet Our Skunk Family
Domestic & Wild Skunk Stories & Pictures
Skunk Medicine Book

Entertainment ...
Send On-line Skunk Postcards
Drag Racing Stinkers

Naming Your New Skunk Kitten ...
Name My Pet
Bow Wow Meow Pet Names
World Wide Pet Names
Namely Yours
Pet Name Finder
Pet Care Home Page, Naming Your Pet

Buying Skunk Junk ...
OOPS Skunk Parphernalia
ebay Bidding Zone

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