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Skunk Rabies Vaccine Research

Mephitis remains unchangeably the same - a grave and friendly little fellow who wants no more (but wants this much with inexorable insistence) than to be treated with civility.
[ Marvels & Mysteries of Our Animal World; 1964 pg. 182 ]

Treat Me Right!

We have seen a recent increase in the awareness of a very pertinent problem facing all captive-bred skunk owners. There is no approved, government recognized rabies vaccine or quarantine period for skunks. Because of this dilemma, skunk owners are faced with the very real risk of losing their pets to rabies related brain testing in the event they accidentally bite someone. Many states in the US will not allow pet skunk ownership because a rabies vaccine for skunks goes unproven.

A corporation has been formed to work on getting a rabies vaccine tested and accepted by the US government. This organization is called Aspen Skunk Rabies Research Inc. Currently, this group is working on fundraising to support the needed research and hunting for a qualified research facility to perform the needed testing.

The goals of the Aspen Skunk Rabies Research (ASRR) organization are:

  1. Obtain U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval for a rabies vaccine for skunks.
  2. Establish a recognized quarantine period for skunks, similar to that of other domestic species, such as dogs, cats, ferrets, etc. in the event of a bite to a human.
  3. Change state laws to recognize vaccine and quarantine period for skunks.
To learn more about Aspen Skunk Rabies Research Inc. and their work towards approving a rabies vaccine for our pet skunks please visit ...
The Aspen Skunk Rabies Research Inc. Site

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