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The Skunkitarian Award ....


The Skunkitarian Award is a given annually to the person or persons who single-handedly bent over backwards to help out one or more captive-bred pet skunks. We use this award to honor those in the skunk community who have gone the extra mile for skunks and deserve recognition for their feat of kindness.

Meritorious Awardees ....

2000 Skunkitarian Award
Presented to Bryan and Midge Smith for their outstanding commitment towards a dozen young neglected captive-bred skunks who, by no fault of their own, wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thanks goes out to the Smiths for helping make the Philadelphia rescue possible.

1999 Skunkitarian Award
Bestowed upon David and Susan Dropkin for outstanding, unconditional devotion towards a mistreated, mentally disturbed captive-bred rescue skunk. It has taken the Dropkins more than a year to rehabilitate this very moody skunk. Now that takes patience.

1998 Skunkitarian Award
Given to Jessica Steckler for saving a flock of skunk babies who were going to be released to the wild by a local breeder. She single-handedly found loving, caring, good homes for them all. Thanks to her their lives were spared.

Thanks for Caring!

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Let the Nominating Begin ....
Nominate your friends for this prestigious award by sending an email to Owners Of Pet Skunks. Please don't forget to include a brief description of why you think your nominee is deserving of this honor. This award is given out on a yearly basis, in the autumn. The deadline for nominations is August 31st. Any nominations received after this date will be applied toward the following year's award.

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