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This page is committed to displaying a new helpful skunk tip each month. If you have any tips that would benefit others, please submit them to Owners Of Pet Skunks for future posting.

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Bringing home a new skunk kitten can be exciting and make you a little apprehensive as well. Here are some tips to help you prepare to bring the new little one home. Prepare a bedding area with soft blankets/towels and add something with your scent on it (like an old sock or scarf). Also, make sure to have ample food in the house and seal up any small holes or hideaways where the skunk could escape or get injured. Make a plan for bathroom training. Keep in mind that a baby skunk the size of your fist will not be able to navigate through several rooms to find his way back to the litter box. Limiting the area your new pet roams in at first to one small room will help him feel more comfortable with his new home and familiarize him with his bed, bathroom, and environment quicker.
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Emergencies can be stressful for all of us. Here are a few good items to have on hand to help you be prepared for the unexpected. They are quick stop, cotton swabs, cotton balls, gauze pads & medical tape, antibiotic ointment, band-aids, alcohol and/or peroxide, large adult toenail clippers, syringe without needle or a plastic eyedropper for dispensing medicine, Kayro syrup, small bottle of Gatorade, Rescue Remedy for seizures, small sturdy bowl, diaper wipes, paper towels, and of course an ice pack. Pack the above items in a small case or bag and they become an excellent travel companion.

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